About Me

Some little things about me.

I moved to the desert seeking healing and learning, and boy did I find it! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, with my academic career starting in 2007. With a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Family Consumer Human Development from Utah State University, I preceded to graduate from Arizona State University with my Masters in Counseling in 2013.

I have been practicing now for seven years and it has been such a wonderful learning experience. I have continued my journey and received my 200 level Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certificate this last year. Along with my RYT certificate, I am trained in EMDR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

The populations I love to work with are teenagers (12 and up) and young adults/college age men and women. I love to work with Empath or Highly Sensitive People, and those people who just need a break!

P.S. I’ve given you the clinical important stuff. Now I’ll give you the dirt.

  • One of my favorite plants is called the Sensitive Plant. When they are touched or bumped, they close up to protect themselves. Sound familiar?
  • I’ve been obsessed with mindful movement ever since I could walk—climbing trees, playing sports, trail running, and now moving and breathing Yoga.
  • My all-time favorite way to get centered is through mindful movement, gardening, or journaling.
  • Recently, I’m crazy about the ocean. We haven’t explored all the mystery in there, so obviously I believe in mermaids.
  • Eagles, Dolphins, and Phoebe from Friends are my spirit animals.
  • My favorite vegetable is an artichoke. And did you know when they flower, they smell like a Nike shoe right out of box?
  • Brutus and Kiko are my two dogs. I don’t consider them as “just pets”, they are basically my besties (if you are a animal/dog/cat person, you may understand this:)).
  • My favorite fleeting scent that can never be captured is the Creosote Bush after it rains. If you rub the leaves together, it literally smells like rain and a deep breath.
  • I was sorted into Hufflepuff, wish I could major in Herbology, and I may or may not ask myself “What Would Dumbledore Do”?
  • I have been to the Tropics, Europe, South America, and Mexico, but so far, my favorite travel destination is the Sequoia National Forest. It’s pure Magic.