Welcome to my Practice

When a traumatic experience happens, a person does what they can do to survive. You deserve to not only survive in life, but to abundantly THRIVE. As a Healer, I am ready to support, guide, and hold the space for you to heal into your best self and into your best life. I specialize in PTSD, and female sexual abuse victims. Sometimes these traumatic issues manifest as anxiety disorders, relationship issues, somatization issues, eating disorders and other behavioral addiction, those of which I have extensive experience working with.

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When trauma happens, memories, images, and sensations get trapped in the body.  EMDR has been extensively researched to help with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, shame and guilt, and other traumatic experiences.


Horitcultural Therapy

I incorporate Earth based healing into my practice to help ground, motivate, and relax my clients. After all, playing in the dirt is actually proven to help raise serotonin levels in the brain, similar to what antidepressants do.


PTSD and Sexual Trauma

I love to work with any demographic, but teens and women have a special place in my heart. I have extensive practice working with those who suffer with PTSD symptoms, to help them become free of the deep burden and pain that weighs them down.