Anxiety, extreme stress, and the 'go, go, go' mentality can be exhausting and wreck havoc on your body.  These can man like suffering relationships, feeling panic or breathlessness, and medical issues that medical professionals just cant seem to figure out. I specialize in anxiety, mindfulness, and healing trauma through mindfulness and bodywork techniques. 

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When trauma happens, memories, images, and sensations get trapped in the body. Then however many weeks/months/years later we get triggered, and it feels nasty.  EMDR is a modality that basically helps your amazing body heal its-self.   Dare I say it's magical?


Earth Based Healing

I incorporate Earth based healing into my practice to help people find compassion for themselves, get aligned with their wild nature, and to ground. I mean, putting our hands in soil is basically an antidepressant, did you know?


Anxiety and "those damn Millennials"

I love to work with any demographic, but lets be honest--us Millennials ROCK! I have a huge passion for helping Millennials, teens, and women increase their emotional intelligence and to find their truest selves.  I have extensive practice working with the many colors of anxiety--dating anxiety, test anxiety, that time of year when we switch from our every day anxiety to our fancy Holiday anxiety...you name it. There are techniques that can help you become more present, more peaceful.