Welcome to my Practice

When a traumatic experience happens, a person does what they can do to survive. You deserve to not only survive in life, but to abundantly THRIVE. As a Healer, I am ready to support, guide, and hold the space for you to heal into your best self and into your best life. I specialize in PTSD, and female sexual abuse victims. Sometimes these traumatic issues manifest as anxiety disorders, relationship issues, somatization issues, eating disorders and other behavioral addiction, those of which I have extensive experience working with.

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When trauma happens, memories, images, and sensations get trapped in the body. Then however many weeks/months/years later we get triggered, and it feels nasty.  EMDR is a modality that basically helps your amazing body heal its-self.   Dare I say it's magical?


Earth Based Healing

I incorporate Earth based healing into my practice to help people find compassion for themselves, get aligned with their wild nature, and to ground. I mean, putting our hands in soil is basically an antidepressant, did you know?


Anxiety and "those damn Millennials"

I love to work with any demographic, but lets be honest--us Millennials ROCK! I have a huge passion for helping Millennials, teens, and women increase their emotional intelligence and to find their truest selves.  I have extensive practice working with the many colors of anxiety--dating anxiety, test anxiety, that time of year when we switch from our every day anxiety to our fancy Holiday anxiety...you name it. There are things that can help you.