Anxiety, extreme stress, and the 'go, go, go' mentality can be exhausting and wreck havoc on your body, mind, and spirit.  Our bodies usually end up taking the beating, and this can affect our relationships, health, and our mental and emotional wellbeing. I specialize in slowing down, teaching emotional regulation skills, and healing trauma through experiencing and practicing yoga and mindfulness techniques in a group setting. 

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EMDR Phase Two Group

EMDR is a modality that basically helps your amazing body heal its-self.  I have shifted from doing this one on one to working in groups: teaching those are going to start EMDR with their therapists a set of skills that will help them through the process, and well beyond. 


Earth Based Healing

In my groups, I sometimes incorporate Earth based healing to help people find compassion for themselves, get aligned with their wild nature, and to finally get grounded. Putting our hands in soil is an antidepressant, did you know?


Finding your Calm

I have a huge passion for helping Millennials, adults, and teens increase their emotional intelligence, to become more centered, and to find their truest selves (Yes, its there already, its just finding it again). There are scientifically proven techniques that can help you become more present, more peaceful.